Ux Contextual Inquiry

I’m taking an awesome UX course on Udemy and one of the things have us do to practice observation is watch reality television. It turns out to be a great way to simply observe people using technology.

I’ve got some time to practice this so I’m very excited to visit a mall and use this same tactic.

Then it struck me, does Apple do this in their stores? They would have literally millions of touchpoints where prospects are walking up to their devices and discovering them. In many cases they may be able to tell if that person is a pre-existing apple user (by their apple ID when they check out!)

I may look into this later, but for now: focus on the course 😀

Matt Beran
Farm kid turned UX/UI designer

I’m a curious and creative person with a passion for good systems, informed design, and building things that matter. I say hard things and have a broad attention span.