The Hunt for the Next

I’m on an awesome journey right now to find something that inspires me and gets me excited to get back to a job. I’ve taken some time on this search so I don’t have to go fast (although I will admit I’m eager).

Most people ask: what is your ideal position?

I’m looking for something creative, technical, innovative and moving change forward. I want to be on a team and help other teams and companies.

This might be my own consulting agency focused on modernization or it might be something in a consulting firm. Maybe it’s an IT department, or a startup. Whatever it is, I’ve never felt so grateful for my network, my friends and my bias for action.

Thank you all.

Matt Beran
Farm kid turned UX/UI designer

I’m a curious and creative person with a passion for good systems, informed design, and building things that matter. I say hard things and have a broad attention span.