Back to the Snowstorm

My return to the servicenow world has been busy!

There’s a lot going on in the ServiceNow landscape, from services vendors selling their companies and starting software companies, latest updates, more moves to become a true platform etc…

Here’s what I’ve noticed has changed dramatically.

#1 there is a lot more to know - from CMS, the three mobile apps to keep track of and new ways of leveraging the platform, it’s harder to see where your problem fits in.

#2 there are a lot more pros - I used to know everyone doing major things on the platform, now that’s an impossibility I realize

#3 certifications are expensive

#4 Jace and Robert - follow them - enough said.

Matt Beran
Farm kid turned UX/UI designer

I’m a curious and creative person with a passion for good systems, informed design, and building things that matter. I say hard things and have a broad attention span.