Service Now implementation steps

There is a topic of conversation that frequently comes up among ITSM tool implementers that always deviates a little, but basically asks:

What process do you do first?

And I finally have the right answer: none.

The first thing you should be working on is data, specifically foundation data.  This includes items like:

  1. Authentication
  2. People data
  3. Org Structure
  4. Email integration
  5. Locations
  6. Assets
  7. Groups (assignment, notification, approval, fulfillment)
  8. Roles and Security

This greatly assists in getting started, and can even be run like a little mini-project that occurs prior or during the typical process definition workshops that are occurring to gather requirements for the process application modules.

There are other data points that you will need to collect as well, like knowledge articles, SLA’s, current reporting needs, etc. Once you get your foundation data complete and synchronizing, you can actually begin to use it as a single source of truth.  And if you’re past ITSM product isn’t authoritative enough - you’ll see users preferring the newer tool sooner, and faster.

This also sets up the foundation (that’s why we call it foundation data), for any other data sources, like CI’s (computers, servers, applications) to be associated with the correct location, or person.




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