Email statistics and bleeding edge

Today I was reading off some funny aspects highlighted on my google account activity report to my extended family (my mother).  She says:

I can see wanting that for business stuff, but for personal? What’s the point?

My usual snarky response:

There is no difference.

I say that tongue in cheek of course, but I’m serious. My business is mine, I own it, my company just rents some of it from me.  Do I think they want those metrics? Yes. Are they giving me the ability to provide them those stats? No.  Is that my fault? Kind of, but I’m working on it.

Which led me to the next realization. Microsoft is so far behind, I don’t know that there is a single executive there that isn’t overwhelmed when people talk about how far behind they are or have new ideas for them. That must be really challenging. I hope they see it as a challenge and are working on it.




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