Tools that just work and your customers are your sales people

Today I needed to find a way to get a video podcast hosted. I needed nothing fancy but it needed to be cheapish, and integrate with iTunes (those are my two hard-line requirements).  ’Nice to have’s included:

  1. Privacy controls
  2. Multi-stream publishing
  3. Stats
  4. Tweeting
  5. Passwords

There is one service that provides all of these that I could find quickly and easily.

For free I meet my requirements, and for $8 a month I get all my wants too, and so many more.

Here’s the other thing.  You know how I found it?  People that had used it and blogged about it, or answered question-sites on where to host videos.

I would not have even tried, nor found, the site without those reviews and answers.  Your customers are your best sales people.




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