Your customers are your co-workers

Many a man would rather you heard his story than granted his request.

-Phillip Stanhope

I wag ServiceNow as hard as I can.  The company is growing exponentially and as an early adopter and long-time loud-mouth I truly hope I can help:

  • grow positive change
  • help them avoid the pitfalls so many other ITSM vendors have followed

This is no easy task of course, and I know I can’t do it alone.  This is obviously a partnership - and it is clear that ServiceNow cares.

I tweeted a couple things yesterday that I think are valuable and drive positive change. Here’s a screenshot of the conversation.

What I want to call out is three things. First, I’m not calling out the bug directly, not sure there is value doing that. Two, I call out a process or transparency feature a lot of customers have asked for (access to known errors and/or enhancement requests). Finally three, Fred Luddy, the Chief Product Officer and founder of ServiceNow responded, and listened.

Now I know Fred doesn’t tweet everyday (he has people for that), and I know that he isn’t hanging on every tweet, but what I got out of this is someone is listening, cares, and is looking into a bug. AMAZED.

John Roberts, Wally Marx, and Lawrence Eng are three such listeners at ServiceNow.  The point is, listen to your customers, even if you don’t take action (you may not need to), because the reality is your customers are your co-workers. You work with them every day and they work with you. You have common goals and interests.

So thank you ServiceNow - thank you for listening.




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