Knowledge 12 part 2

New ServiceNow features promised/demoed:

  1. High availability provided to all customers
  2. Self-Service cloning options (log into Hi and clone your own instance)
  3. Non-destructive cloning allows rollback post-clone
  4. Non-interruptive cloning will allow logging into and using the instance during clone activities
  5. Archiving old data 
  6. Flattening Archived data to make it still relevant
  7. Database separation (transactions, error logs, and archiving are each on their own SQL db)
  8. Social is going to become much more core to the product’s main functionality.  If users prefer the old UI for commenting and marking up tickets they can, but Social and stream will be available for the life of records
  9. Platform - ServiceNow is obviously ramping up the ability to quickly build applications that replace all those spreadsheets you and your enemies use all the time ;)
  10. New UI’s coming - pane views difficult to explain, and still a concept methinks

There may have been a simple concept shared that sort of looked like a fairly popular tablet device, but it looked fairly new and concept.  I’m sure we’ll see more in that space soon.

As far as partnerships go there were a couple notable items like the fact that Cognizant and CompuCom has little to no presence - KPMG is going to have a bigger presence and announced their partnership this week.

The labs I attended rocked, I picked up a lot of technical details and learned a lot of things.  Most of which will just be things I can apply and understand better.

Let me know if you have questions (mattberan at gmail) or comment below if you want to know more!




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