Knowledge 12

A conference that set new standards for conferences. If you are meeting with a large group of people and don’t have a platform for them to collaborate within and connect digitally, they will begin to feel disconnected.

This has actually been a problem for a long time. “Praying to your BlackBerry” has always been frowned upon at conferences, and I think the reason people were doing it was because they didn’t feel they were getting the same level of connection they get from platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Email (believe it or not).

ServiceNow definitely has it easy in this space as their tool provides this functionality, so it is low (no) cost for them to implement a social platform.  Here is why people loved it:

  1. Question/Answer - people could post questions on any topic and get a quick and authoritative answer. Conference questions, ServiceNow questions, Organizational change questions, all were asked, few weren’t answered
  2. Social - post pictures and links means another way for people to connect to more.
  3. Private-ish. Many organizations block twitter/facebook on the client PC - or the client mobile.  This provided a way around that, and allowed people who have policies against such activity to still participate.  I have yet to see an HR policy that states you can’t use private live-feed, social, or collaboration tools.  They usually spell out “Facebook” or “Twitter”. 
  4. Groupings of specific topics, verticals, breakout sessions mean you can have hyper effective context to questions.  Specific to tech conferences, people can be passing code, asking questions, moderators can filter comments, questions and deliver to the presenter.

This is the best conference I have ever been to.  I hope the other can take it up a notch to this level.

To the people I met, I’m not going to call you out here… I’ve got it on my task list follow up with you :)




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