Matt Beran

Who is Matt Beran?

Father, Husband, Technologist and Dreamer. I quip on Twitter, make on, Podcast on HackBizTech , Resume on LinkedIN, photos on Google Photos

How do I get in touch with Matt Beran?

You can message me on twitter or email me directly via mattberan at gmail dot com.

What can Matt Beran do?

My hobbies and interests are many. Right now I'm learning about marketing, artistry, animation (flash, flip-book and 3d), UX and much more. To learn more, come to a geekout and geek out with me. Or just get in touch. I love talking with people and collaborating, brainstorming or just sharing my energy.

What is Matt Beran doing?

1/19/16 - Maryville is announcing my departure. Very humbling to have so many colleagues hail me on my way out. All politics aside, please know that I am leaving of my own accord. I'm looking for a local team I can collaborate with, bonus if the culture is good, mega bonus if they have back office functioned figured out already.

1/16/16 - The low temp today is -18 F; impressive. We will do the instant freezing water trick today. Lucy got her first iPad today.

1/15/16 - Good podcast recording today, I'd like to straighten that entity up a little, I have to find the time to do this right.

1/14/16 - Took some MBA training focused on marketing, rebuilt a wordpress site and started brainstorming ways to conquer the world

1/13/16 - Today I'm working on a couple different things to wrap up for my current employer. Specifically; animations.

1/12/16 - I've decided to leave my current employer, Maryville. I'm excited to try some new things. More to come.

12/23/15 - I've been working on my site (HTML), supporting a couple other wordpress installs and learning to use the iPad Pro instead of a Wacom. What are you up to? Send me a note!